Regional Fragmentation Case Studies

JOINT will analyse how regional fragmentation constitutes a major constraining factor to:

  • EU mediation efforts in Syria.
  • EU mediation efforts in Libya.
  • EU initiatives to support stabilisation in the Horn of Africa

Syria and Libya feature situations in which state authority is contested or has collapsed, whereas the situation in the Horn is more complex, with functioning states like Ethiopia co-existing with failed states like Somalia. They present multiple and complex challenges: increased interstate tensions, proliferation of violent extremist and terrorist groups, illicit trafficking of humans, drugs and arms, and piracy.

JOINT will examine the established EU consensus and how member states pursue their own interests as well as the interplay between the policies of EU institutions and member states. 

This analysis will aim at identifying ways to improve coordination between EU institutions and member states to reduce fragmentation in Syria, Libya and the Horn of Africa.


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